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Reducing Carbon Footprint

“Carbon Footprint” is the amount of carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, produced as a result of our daily living. In other words, many things we do create carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases. Although we usually think of the food we eat in terms of our health, rather than environmentally, purchasing, consuming and discarding the food we eat generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases – in fact, one third of the world’s carbon footprint comes from food production. Nutrition and environment both play into the way our society interacts with food and it’s amazing just how often environmental sustainability and nutrition go hand in hand. Just as the fuel for our cars has big implications for energy and the environment, so does the fuel we put into our own bodies.

We can always be doing more and thinking of new ways to be green – learning how to recycle, reuse and conserve for examples. It is paramount that we take care of the Earth not just for ourselves but for future generations. White Cloud has taken a great step to being more environmentally friendly. Their commitment has made it easier, in terms of convenience and affordability, for families to be green. Living green does not have to be expensive.  Studies have shown the risk that global climate change poses to food supplies. But these studies have, for the most part, ignored the interactions between increasing temperature and air pollution — specifically ozone pollution, which is known to damage crops. Ozone pollution can also be tricky to identify, because its damage can resemble other plant illnesses, producing flecks on leaves and discolouration.

Air pollution is even more decisive in shaping undernourishment in the developing world, Researchers found: Under the more pessimistic air-quality scenario, rates of malnourishment might increase from 18 to 27 percent by 2050 — about a 50 percent jump; under the more optimistic scenario, the rate would still increase, but that increase would almost be cut in half. Air pollution levels can improve agricultural yields and partially offset adverse impacts of climate change on yields.  Increased use of clean energy sources (those that do not emit greenhouse gases or conventional air pollutants, such as wind and solar energy), would be doubly beneficial to global food security, as they do not contribute to climate change or increased surface-ozone concentrations.


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Be Carbon Neutral – Get Free Carbon Offsets with Shop 2 Save the Planet


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